Will you pick the tournament champion correctly this year?

How I’m crowdsourcing predictions from the fantasy football and NFL communities

A summary and transcript of Tim Ferriss’ coronavirus podcast episode

Tim (presumably) at home, where he’s been social distancing for the past four weeks. Courtesy Tim Ferriss media kit.

Try the simulation for yourself as many times as you want to see the results and storylines of March Madness 2020 using data

Which team would have had the last shot at the basket? Simulation tools can help us peer inside an alternate reality. Photo by Markus Spiske via rawpixel (CC0 1.0).

An analytical review of the theories behind the worst home-road split in NBA history.

The Sixers are on pace to be the only team in NBA history to win at least 90% of their home games and lose more than 2/3 of their road games. And no one knows why. Ben Simmons (CC BY-SA 2.0) by KA Sports Photos

Plus, should you have made that trade? Use my tool to find out.

Shall we shake on it? Trading away Aaron Rodgers for Russell Wilson in Week 3 would have been a very good trade. Despite some big games from Rodgers throughout the season, Wilson would score 273 total fantasy points the rest of the season, compared to Rodgers’ 235 points, for a net gain of 2.7 extra points per week.

David Glidden

District of Columbia fanboy living in CDMX with @egbarnett. Product Manager at @TheoremCo.

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