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David Glidden
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Mojo’s launch video from September 2022

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I’ve been pretty excited to watch the launch of Mojo, the self-described stock market for sports. I‘ve explored similar ideas of my own, so am happy to see this idea really get the backing and resources to be a legit offering in the market.

Mojo is pretty simple to understand. It’s a sports gambling app that functions like a stock market for athletes, currently only supporting NFL and prospective NFL (i.e. college) players.

Mojo screenshots reflecting values as of November 30th, 2022

Each athlete (for example Kansas City Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes), are given a stock price, known as “Mojo Value”, that equates to their expected career on-field performance. This number is based on a relatively simple formula:

Mojo value formula, per

For example, Peyton Manning’s career performance would have been $122.06:

The Mojo Value of an active (unretired) player’s expected performance can be broken down into two parts: the value that they’ve “banked” based on the stats they’ve already accumulated in their career, and the expected amount of value Mojo expects the player to obtain between now and the end of their professional career.

Like in the stock market, the goal with Mojo stocks are to buy low, before a player has become a star, and sell high, after expectations for the player have skyrocketed.

Mojo is fully regulated and operated as a sports gaming organization/casino that as of November 2022 only operates in New Jersey, meaning you have to physically be in New Jersey to purchase an athlete’s stock. Fortunately you don’t have to be in NJ to download the app and create an account, enabling you to browse all of the available athlete stocks.

I’ve already spent numerous hours pulling together a database to dive deep into modeling projected player values at some point. Follow me here on Medium to be notified when I post more about my adventures down the Mojo rabbit hole.

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